Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Way It Is

World magazine is a fabulous weekly news magazine written from a Christian perspective. If you've never heard of it, please visit their web site.

On Jan. 22, Gene Edward Veith wrote an article called "Tsunami atheism" explaining how a massive tragedy like the tsunami isn't evidence against there being a God. He says, "... such horrors should awake us to our condition."

Decay is the way that it is. It's our condition. Absolutely everything in, of and on the earth is decaying and is in a constant state of decay. In our daily routine, our efforts are used to manage decay so that it is less obvious and intrusive. Every year or so we have to paint the house; every week we have to dust, do the laundry, and throw out rotting food. We don't think of this as decay, we call this life! But it is far from it.

Life is the way it was suppose to be. God created beauty and life... and choice. He did not create decay. Where do you think your laments come from? You are lamenting decay. Look back over your laments and find the decay.

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