Thursday, March 01, 2007

5 Senses: Part 2

Below are some examples of how SPS thinking, with the senses and art, have been used to express a spiritual subject. These are just a small sampling. To see more on a wide variety of subjects, be sure and visit the web site.

The subject of for all of these cards is Worshipping God.

Becky says,
I've heard it said that the blood of martyrs is the fuel for spreading the gospel. When we let go and allow God to consume us, all of us to the core of who we are, we are refined and we burn for others to see. How terrifying it is to say we are God's fuel - when a match is lit and it is near fuel, the reaction is immediate, explosive. What would it look like if we really lived as though we were God's fuel.
Can you smell the sulphur? the smoke? the wood? Can you feel the splinters and heat? Can you hear the striking of the match? the crackling fire?

Trinh says,
I absolutely love the garden. My husband and I... worked feverishly the past month to put in a perennial garden. It was such hard work! We live in an area that is filled with huge rocks and stones so digging even the smallest holes was a challenge.

I feel this way a lot of times about my relationship with the Lord. My heart is the earth filled with so many hard rocks and stones that are so difficult to work with and remove. The Lord is so gracious though - with His love for me, even as a sinner - He plants those seeds within us and as long as we are willing to nurture them and care for them by living by God's plan, in time, we will grow with much wisdom and love and in our own right become the beautiful flowers in our Father's garden.
Can you smell the rich earth? the sweetness of flowers? Do you feel the damp richness of the earth? Ever heard a trowl hit rock when you're digging? Ever tasted a garden fresh tomato or strawberry?

Dena says,
Simple and elegant.

Make it "pop out" as it should in my heart. Keep the visual close and I stay closer on my path. I wanted to add color and when adding the green, they reminded me of the nails - not pointed, not round - painful.

This card represents the brightness I can look for at the cross. The nails Jesus took for me are illustrated in the green paper.
Have you ever heard the cross described as "bright"? or that it should "pop"?

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