Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What do you do with the Cards?

We've gotten this question before. So you've made these cards during Mocha on the Mount. Now what do you do with them?

Depending on the size and mediums used, here are some ideas we've heard or seen in the past:
  • a book mark
  • scan and use as background image on computer
  • glue in a journal and build and entire altered book of cards
  • hang on frig ;)
  • set in window over kitchen sink
  • attach to edge of compute monitor (like a post-it note)
  • make into a greeting card and mail to a friend
Some of you full-time creative thinkers may have some other ideas. What are you going to do with your cards?


San said...

A variation on fridge art: Post it on my bulletin board

Also, scan and use in PowerPoint presentation

Erin said...

In every new SoulPerSuit group that I do, I tend to reflect on cards I've previously made and reapply or reinterpret them to the study I'm presently in. I don't really do this on purpose, I'm just drawn back to reflect on them.
God raises definite themes in my life through SoulPerSuit. My previous SPS cards become a kind of source book for my conversation with God.

I've also used some of my cards as gift tags.

Still doing research on this, but a little bird told me that I can pop off the cover of my laptop and alter it. Wouldn't it be cool to put some SPS cards on there?