Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Mas?

Christmas just isn't right without "Christ," is it?

What ideas have you heard and/or executed for keeping the focus on Christ this Christmas? What are you giving God this year for His birthday? Here's a link to an article I wrote that will hopefully help you keep the focus where it belongs.

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Erin said...

LL and family is dipping bread into honey and enjoying a repast under their Sukkoth tent. Reminding themselves that Christ came and invited us in to dine with him.

We're going to make a small shepherd encampment in our backyard (minus the sheep) to try to imagine what the shepherds might have experienced that night when the angels visited them. Darkness, cold, a campfire, a bit of food... should be a good time.

Thinking about what Scriptures we might read to give us a picture of the life and hope of a pre-Jesus Jewish shepherd has given me a lot to ruminate these last few days.