Monday, May 26, 2008

The "Vampire Lady": Art Leads to Faith


rhon said...

Ann Rice could not have put this better. I think it's brilliant that she thought to put the video together.

Erin said...

I've never read any of Anne Rice's books, but I sure want to read one of her early ones now. Recommendations?

I particularly enjoyed hearing her say that she would not apologize for her early vampire and witch stories because they were a part of her journey. They came out of where she was at that time in her spiritual journey.

That was so cool to hear. Uplifting too, because I think most artists and writers want to burn the things they created 5-10 years ago. Seeing our own immaturities and missteps in past creations is sometimes scathing. I know I want to burn some of my old things. Anne Rice gives me confidence that even the dark (or silly, or immature) things can be embraced.

rhon said...

I didn't read any of Rice's witch series. I'm not interested in the witch genre. I read "Interview with a Vampire" and "The Vampire Lestat". They were each different but both very good. Her video makes me want to read them again to look more for her journey this time.

The third in the series, "The Queen of the Damned", was just over-the-top for me. It has an interesting premise - Lestat looks for and finds the mother (literally) of all vampires.

Lestat is such a powerful, commanding character. He rules the first two books. In Queen, Lestat loses some of his mystic. The story also becomes a gore fest. Gore doesn't bother me but this was just excessive to the point of distraction. The woman is pissed off and kills everything. But maybe this is the climax of Rice's journey. Interesting.