Monday, June 09, 2008

Rising Numbers- A Free Giveaway

The heat out here in the DC area has been blistering this week! We've had temps in the high 90's all weekend, with a heat index in the 100's. I never thought I would be asking Texas this, but... can we have some of YOUR summer weather?

I saw on the local news today that gas prices are also reaching skyward. In the Washington DC vicinity prices are hovering right around $4.25 a gallon. It's enough to make a body just want to turn off the car, eat out of the pantry stash, and stay and sweat in the "comfort" of their own home.

Watercolor Pencils, Set of 10

This week I'm giving away another set of those ever-popular watercolor pencils. (The numbers are rising with these too- but in a way I hope you'll find more pleasurable than summer temperatures and petrol prices.) Last time I gave away a four pack, but I'm upping it to a set of 10 Prang Gallery watercolor pencils and a brush.

Watercolor Pencils, Set of 10

This way, you'll be prepared for the next round of SoulPerSuit. Or at least have something to do with yourself while you're sitting at home, sweating and not driving your car.

Want to enter your name in the drawing? Answer two questions in the comment section to be eligible, I'll draw a name at random:

1) What is today's temperature where you live?
2) What is the price of fuel in your area?

I'll draw and post the winning name next Monday, June 16th.
Stay cool and stay home.


Abby said...

So catch the irony in this-
Current temperature: 77
Current gas price (that I still refused to pay this morning): $3.95
Current location: Dallas, TX
Current mood: improving...thanks!

John and Lela said...

Current temp: 24 C (or about 76 F)
Current gas price: about 23 Rubles (97 cents) per liter
(an article i read in the Moscow Times, a newspaper in English here, based a comparison on a gasoline price of $3.60 per gallon in the US or 80 cents per liter. looks like the prices are pretty much the same.)
Current location: Moscow, Russia
Current mood: indifferent :0)

nikongirl said...

69 degrees F

Paula said...

June 12, 2008
Current gas prices in Denver: $3.89
Today's high temp: 75 degrees
Current temp at 8:30pm: 62 degrees

The thermometer reached 90 degrees one day last week - ALMOST feels like summer.:)

Marilyn said...

I stumbled upon your website while looking for different ways to creatively worship...thank you for the inspiration. I sometimes get stuck in a rut with two small children in the house.

We're in Alexandria, VA where the current temp is 77 degrees expecting a high of 88 today. Hot, humid and muggy! We'll break out the baby pool today.

And we were so excited when gas dropped over the weekend to 3.99 a gallon. :-)