Friday, July 18, 2008

My New Hero

I have a new hero. His name is Shadrack, and he's the guy in the yellow shirt. He lives on the left side of this structure. The room through the door on the right is where he holds school...for 91 kids (they usually meet under the tree). And after school, he tutors their parents. With zero supplies. No pencils, no paper. Only the dirt to write in. (The same supply Jesus used when he wrote His Complete Works.)

Shadrack is teaching these kids because his spiritual mentors unanimously agreed that he had the right attitude and education for the task. So in obedience to them he went to a place that requires machetes to make a road. A place where the entire community is--or should I say, was--illiterate. A place with no running water and little food. His ultimate goal: to plant a church.

So here's my question. How creative would you have to be to find ways to teach 91 kids at the same time with no supplies? No blackboard. No desks. No chairs. No bus service. (The kids who walk more than four miles show up a little late. Especially in the rainy season.)

Often when we think of creative people we think of visual artists, novelists, sculptors. We think these require the best of our imaginations.

Are you more creative than you thought?

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