Wednesday, September 02, 2009

SPS Sabbatical

It appears that Kona with Jonah is not going to arrive from Amazon in time for us to do a SPS study without crossing over in to the holidays. As a result we are canceling this SPS study.

The delivery delay by Amazon has moved to the forefront something that the SPS team has needed for a while --a sabbatical.

We've been doing the blog for five years and it's been good, but we all recognize a couple of things.

We're all stretched pretty thin. Even though I quit my job over a year ago with intentions of giving SPS a makeover from head to toe, other priorities took over. It's been a year of great personal healing: my husband was laid off, there have been five deaths of friends and family, and my father was diagnosed with cancer. Although an extra paycheck would have been nice during this time, not having the responsibility of a job allowed me to deal with everything else.
We all agree that SPS is stalled. It either needs a makeover or a retirement. It's time to look at SPS and decide where it goes from here. It's definitely not where we imagined it would be by this time. If we move forward with SPS, it will be a huge undertaking.

Considering these factors, we've all agreed that it would do us tremendous good to step away from SPS for an eight- month sabbatical and get some perspective. We each have more things stretching us for our time and, if it isn't going to evolve then, SPS is just going to be a drip-drip-drip drain on us mentally and physically.

We've appreciated your participation and interest and hope you've been enriched.

Carry on.



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