Sunday, November 21, 2004

How Great Is Our God

My three most recent cards have dealt with my own journey of faith in Christ. They are a glimpse of the key times in my life when I came to a deeper understanding of God. There is no way I could ever plumb the depths of our Great God, but I tried to capture a little bit of it. Unbeknownst to me, my daughter was capturing a glimpse of our Great God through my cards as well. My cards about MY journey, were helping her on HER journey.

Ellie is the type of kid who thinks outside the box from the moment she wakes up in the morning. She is the one that is most likely to embarass me, anger me, make me laugh so hard I cry, and make me really cry- all in the span of five minutes. She fancies herself an artist, and truth be told, she has a real knack for grasping some pretty nebulous ideas. My husband has dubbed her, The Philospher. Embracing life with creativity and flair is Ellie's cup of tea. Have I ever mentioned that she has a will like a Barcelona bull? ;)

Ellie, the artist, ambled into the computer room one day as I had my SPS cards spread out beside me. She has always been interested in my "card art project," as it is known around here, and she often interviews me about whatever card I happen to be working on at the moment. I was busily typing my explaination for I Was Without (, when she peeped over my shoulder. "Hi Mama. What are you doing? Is that Anna? And why is she on the moon?"

She picked up another one,
And another, (

Through the course of enjoying and explaining 3-4 of my SPS cards with Ellie, I was able to engage her in a way that was tailor-made to her sensitivites (creativity, art, symbolism). And discussing my personal journey to God became a natural door to discussing her own journey to God. She's heard about Jesus in Sunday School, we talk on a daily basis about trusting Christ, she knows most of the"right" answers to all the important questions... but she hadn't made that leap of faith for herself. Ellie, and her will, were going to do it in her own time and in her own way. Before she was going to trust this Jesus-guy she still had questions she wanted answers to, concepts she hadn't nailed down, cogs and wheels in that little four year old brain that needed to be greased. I never imagined that Soul Per Suit would be that grease.

I was out of town last weekend at a wedding, and as Steve gave me "The Report" (ie: who ate their dinner, who scored a goal at soccer, what got spilled on the carpet- all the things that happened while I was gone), he tossed in... "Oh, and Ellie prayed to receive Christ last night."

I have no pithy ending for this blog entry. Just the words to the chorus we sang in church this morning,

How great is our God
Sing with me
How great is our God
And all will see how great
How great is our God

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How great is our God!