Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Spiritual Content

Have you noticed the increase in the number of supernatural television shows? Premiering just this season are:

  • Invasion - After a devastating storm, a small Florida town faces alien mysteries in its midst. (ABC)

  • Threshold - After an alien craft lands on Earth, a team of specialists is recruited to respond. (CBS)

  • Surface - Humans freak out as a new form of sea life appears in locales all over the Earth. (NBC)

  • Supernatural - The Winchester brothers battle evil forces on America's back roads in their '67 Chevy Impala.

  • Night Stalker - Reporter Carl Kolchak travels the country solving unexplained phenomena and deaths. (ABC)

  • Ghost Whisperer - Newlywed Melinda Gordon communicates with the spirits of the dead to help them cross over. (CBS)

Returning from last season are:

  • Medium - Allison Dubois uses her psychic abilities to help the D.A. solve crimes. (NBC)

  • Lost - Several castaways are stranded on a mysterious island after a violent plane crash – but they are not alone. (ABC)

  • Charmed - Three witch sisters continually save the world and each other from evil. (WB)

  • Smallville - The beginnings of Superman when he was just trying to live as Clark Kent. (WB)
And this is just on network television.

We’re steeped deeply in a postmodern culture that considers itself very spiritual. Take a look at these and see what the world considers spiritual. What’s your answer to each?

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