Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What Are Your Faves?

Back in January when I was in Marfa, Texas, with a bunch of artsy types, several of my cohorts said I simply must read Twyla Tharp's bestseller, The Creative Habit. Tharp is an Emmy- and Tony-winning American dancer and choreographer (think "Hair," "White Nights," "Movin' Out"). When it comes to the subject of creativity, she's written a kickin' read. The layout is as creative as the prose.

Now, when it comes to creative writing, my fave is the 1983 edition of Writing the Natural Way.

If you want videos, the Catholic Communication Campaign's "Creativity: Touching the Divine" stands at the top of my list.

What is your favorite work(s) relating to art or creativity?

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Erin said...

I have a 1966 copy of The Visual Dialog: An Introduction to the Appreciation of Art, by Nathan Knobler, which I LOVE.

For the lay person attempting to look at, appreciate and understand visual art, this is a wonderful resource. Knobler offers a guided tour of design, form, movement, line, color, balance, texture... the universal language of art. Even my nerdy husband says it helped him get a handle on what he was looking at in the galleries.

For a redemptive philosophy of art, I have enjoyed Steve Turner's, Imagine; A Vision for Christians in the Arts.

My warm-fuzzy, think-outside-the-box-of-an-artist, is the movie, Babette's Feast. it demonstrates using unexpected mediums (shhh, no spoilers here!) and how art can bless and transform society.

And for getting some creative studio instruction and a pep talk, I pick Drawing on the Right-Side of the Brain, by Betty Edwards.