Thursday, August 30, 2007

Feeling Blue? Or Chartreuse? Or maybe Jet Black?

Last week, I was snooping around at the Etsy shop website, and discovered that they have THE COOLEST shopping feature on there!

Click here and you can shop according to color. Any color that strikes your fancy.
Periwinkle, antique rose, sunny yellow, creamy dogwood, flame red, plain old brown...
Simply click on the color you like and Etsy's search engine will pull up all the products that match that color.

(I've already wasted a ton of time there. I'm not a shopaholic. Just a colorholic.)


Abby said...

I feel it sucking the time out of my life already. What a fun idea! Hopefully it doesn't suck the money out of my life, too.

Erin said...

Yeah, Ab.
I was tinkering with the idea of making our Christmas gift exchange an All-Etsy gift exchange this year. Think anyone would go for it?

Abby said...

I think that'd be a groovy Christmas regulation. My only question is, where do I go if I want to buy my person a mood ring?

Leatherwing said...

It looks like you have over 2000 unread emails!! You have a lot of catching up to do!!

Erin said...

Leatherwing, Huh?

Erin said...

I was too busy playing with the colors to know what you were talking about.

Get this, Etsy also has a "Time Machine" search engine- pulling up the most recently listed items in Etsy. With a very cool design template.

AND they have a "Geolocator" search, which shows a really cool globe filled with numbered pins to indicate which part of the world these listed items come from.

2,000 unread E-mails? Let the Inbox fill to overflowing! This is the most fun I've had shopping on-line in a long time.

(And no, I still haven't bought anything.)