Monday, August 13, 2007

SPS Card Tip

the back of my Closed card
When you make your SPS cards, be sure to write on it somewhere how the card came about.
  • What does it mean?
  • Why did you pick those images?
  • What scripture was involved?
  • What's the story?
  • Was there a song involved?

The back of my Closed card.

I typically like my cards to be image driven so there aren't a lot of words involved. Because of this I write on the back of the card any scripture or songs that were an inspiration for the card. Alternately, I might describe what the card meant to me at the time I created it.

the back of my Unseen cardWith the card from the second week of Esther, I was inspired by the idea of God working unseen in my life everyday. The outside of the card has images that represent different days of my life. Open the door behind these days and see God's hand providing: sunshine, rain, coffee, milk, chocolate, dogs, computers, etc. On the back of the card I wrote what this means to me.

A couple of amazing things happen when people look at each other's cards. Most of the time, the artist teaches the viewer a new way of looking at an idea or scripture. At other times, the view interprets the card to mean something very relevant but entirely different than what the artist intended and the artist learns something new. Both of these are thrilling experiences.

Want a bigger surprise?

Look at your card six months or more from now. You might be surprised by the words you wrote. They may reveal how much you have incorporated this insight into your life. With the distance of time, you may see more clearly where you were at the time you made the card. You also may gain a whole new meaning from the card that even you didn't see the first time.

Isn't this a lot like scripture itself?

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