Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thomas Heatherwick

Photo by Donald MilneOne of my favorite artists growing up was Leonardo da Vinci. My admiration resulted from a short documentory that showed da Vinci as a scientist, documenting, testing, and experimenting with his world.

Thomas Heatherwick is the subject of a Wired magazine article, "Bright Stuff" by Tim McKeough, He is a designer whose work is "the intersection of art, engineering, design, and architecture." In a recent documentary, the BBC referred to Thomas Heatherwick as "the new Leonardo da Vinci". To see his work, you'd understand.

Check out Heatherwick's web site to see his indescribable work including a bridge that rolls up, a three-story rolling staircase, and the sculpture made from thousands of glass beads strung on over 26,000 steel wires.

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