Monday, December 08, 2008

Contemplative Christmas II

Here we are at Week 2 of the SoulPerSuit Contemplative Christmas.

Last week's theme, Barn Smells, was such an interesting journey. Rhonda was right when she said, "One woman's manure is another woman's rose." If you've not had a chance to read the SPS participants' comments and blog entries connecting barn smells with Christmas, please treat yourself.
Don't worry if you intended to post something about barn smells and haven't gotten to it yet. Whenever you are ready, SPS is ready.

And if you are joining us for the first time, welcome!

Right here on SoulPerBlog each week we'll be posting a theme phrase to reflect on during this Christmas season and one or two Shuffle the Deck activities to kick start your creative thinking. Otherwise, SoulPerSuit is going to let Emmanuel speak for himself. All the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and sensations of this Christmas season are at the disposal of the Holy Spirit. You just need your Bible and your imagination.

Ready for Week 2's theme?

This week's theme is:
Bright light

Optional Shuffle The Deck activities to get things rolling:

1) Stand in front of a brilliant light for a few moments. (A flashlight, the hi-beams on your car, a desk lamp turned toward your face, etc. Please do not damage your retinas!)
Take stock of the sensations you experience. Do you strain to keep your eyes open? Strain to keep them closed? Are your eyelids throbbing? Tearing up? Can you feel warmth from the light source? Close your eyes and notice the "colors" and after-images you experience.

2) Compile a list of all the uses for light. Make a list of all the different sources of light.


So, what next? We are hopeful that the Holy Spirit will lead you in worship over the next week.
If you'd like to worship and reflect quietly then you don't need to do anything.
If you create a piece of artwork or have thoughts you'd like to share publicly (or you're new here and wondering what on earth these people are doing), click here to see what on earth we're doing.

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Erin said...

We did our Shuffle the Deck activity today. I had the kids team up and "interview" each other about their bright light experience. Here's the report:

Anna- "It's blocking my eyes. I think I need glasses. I can see the sticker inside the lamp shade and a big bump right there. It's warm inside it."
(I spun her around with her eyes closed- Pin the Tail on the Donkey style- then asked her to turn her body to face the light while still keeping her eyes closed. She found it perfectly!)
Ellie- "There's a big dot when I blink and then it stays there for a couple seconds and then it's gone. It's so bright I can hardly look at it. And the dot, when I blink two times in a row- first time it was yellow, second time it was black-ish blue. It's all kind of brighter when I stop looking at it."
Rebekah- "I can't look at the imprint very closely. It's sorta blue when I open my eyes. This time it was yellow when I looked at it, and seemed to get brighter. It's sorta like a shadow when I open my eyes."

I did the bright light experiment too, but I'm going to save my ideas and think on them for the rest of the week. Didn't think I'd come away with anything profound, but sure enough, light bulbs can be inspiring!