Monday, January 05, 2009

Contemplative Christmas Wrap-up

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Contemplative Christmas group here at SoulPerBlog. This has been a deep and reflective experience for me, personally, and it provided my family some direction during the often-aimless-and-distracted holiday season. I hope each of you enjoyed yourselves as much as I did! *
(If you'd like to know, our New Year's Eve Asian pot stickers lived up to their name, they stuck to the bottom of the pot completely. 2009 means wok lessons for me!)

As we close down this mini-SoulPerSuit group, here's one more question:
Which of the five Christmas themes was your favorite and why?

If you'd like to read (or add to) our collective thoughts on each week's theme, click the links below:

Week 1: Barn Smells
Week 2: Bright Light
Week 3: Singing
Week 4: Cradled in Arms
Week 5: Lavish Incense

The Adoration of the Magi
Federico Fiori Barocci, 1561-63
Black chalk, pen and brush on blue paper
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

*Rhonda will be here on Wednesday to fill you in on our next SoulPerSuit excursion.


Sarah said...

I liked "bright light" the best. No particular just produced the best meditations for me.

Thanks, guys, for these. It's been cool to walk through Christmas with them.

greta lynn hernandez said...

Although I didn't get to the creative side of all of the themes, the reflection of each one made this Christmas season really different!

I think the Cradled In Arms impacted me the most, perhaps because of my current status as a new mom! One of the recurring thoughts was just how loving God is.

This was a great way to transition into 2009!

Erin said...

I enjoyed Singing alot.

Working together with my children to produce a "finished" product educated me in their individual gifts and talents, their learning styles, and the different ways they approach life. Each one of us wanted to do things slightly (or very) differently from the rest of the group.

Observing the ways we irritated each other and got exasperated when we didn't quite share the same creative vision was also eye-opening. In that short amount of time, I got a flash of insight into the harmony that exists amongst the Trinity. They are so perfect.

San said...

I liked singing, too, finding tunes I knew and learning for the first time the words that go with them.