Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gallery Wednesday

theme: Decay vs. The Divine

Please leave a comment if you can't watch the video for some reason.

See all of the Decay/Divine Gallery.


Erin said...

Ok, I LOVE the video "feature"!!

I love how you carried over the number theme from your Decay/Divine experience so long ago. (Very cool.)

And your wry sense of humor cracked me up. So many ways in which I can relate. There's always one. Just one more. Or one less. Or one that you needed.

rhon said...

Yeah. I think I'm hooked on making videos. It was so much fun. Maybe with practice I'll gradually stop looking like a goober.

San said...

I was tracking with you in all seriousness until we hit TP. Then I laughed out loud. SOOO true. (Cue music: One is the Loneliest Number)

gramarty said...

Rhonda, I love your #1 card. It applies to weeks, months, years and even lifetimes...I need just one more. It's the 18th of February (I've already changed the date 3x and still haven't hit send) and I'm just getting around to investigating your current Decay/Divine output. First of all I didn't even recognize you in the video. Hair really does make a difference! I like it btw, and now that I know it's you, I can see that it's you...DUH, you say. Well all it took was 'one more look''s that for twisting an application? I seriously think I could go on with the number 1 indefinitely except for the TP...I seriously do try to get that last piece off!

gramarty said...

and now I have to leave just one more comment. After I hit 'publish' above, up popped a new word verification more reason to smile!