Monday, February 02, 2009

Mini-SPS Group: DIVINE

Today marks our first day examining our next theme:

As a particular compliment to last month's focus on "decay," I look forward to enjoying what God reveals to each of us. I have a suspicion there's a lot more to decay/divine than just a simple compare and contrast activity.

We're going to camp out on the Divine for the entire month of February, so there's plenty of time for you to observe and engage your life. And then, of course, share it on your blog or right here in the comments section on SoulPerBlog.

Here's a Shuffle the Deck question to get your thinking started:

What reminds you most of the Divine?
Take a picture of it and put it next to the pictures you took last month of Decay. (If it's a song or a video, play it while you look at the pictures of Decay.)
What are the differences? Why do those differences exist? How can you focus more on the Divine during your day?

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