Friday, June 12, 2009

Jonah - coming in September

The spring study through Judges was intense! But I hope you all enjoyed it. I've never done a study of Judges so it was a great first time. If you'd like to go back through Judges on your own, just click on the tag "Judges" in the left column.

June, July, August 2009
For the summer we're going to do a mini-study on Worship. This is one of the very first SPS topics so it's a great time to revisit it. A mini-SPS is more self guided so it's totally up to your own interpretation. Please send us your art so that we can post it on Gallery Wednesday. You can also link to your blog or web site from the comments. Next Wednesday's Gallery has not been assigned yet so submit anytime up to midnight on Tuesday.

September 7, 2009 - Kona with Jonah
We'll start a full SPS in September. We're excited because we'll be going through Sandra Glahn's new Coffee Cup Study "Kona with Jonah". It's so new, in fact, that it's only available right now for pre-order on Amazon, due to ship July 27. It's available for free shipping when you purchase $25 so now's the time to bundle your order with the new "Frappé with Philippians" and another Coffee Cup you've been wanting.

Speaking of Amazon, anytime you order, we recommend that you do so by going through the link provided in the right hand column on Sandi's blog:

Sandi's husband, Gary, is Special Projects Manager for the East Africa team of East West Ministries International. If you place any of your Amazon orders through this link on Sandi's blog a portion of your order will benefit Gary's efforts! How easy is that!

I guess that's enough news for now. Check here on Fridays for other news and scheduling updates.

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