Monday, June 08, 2009


This morning I'm thinking of reasons to worship God. These two come immediately to mind:

For creation - the smell of cinnamon, the feel of sand, the sound of Rachmaninoff, the taste of chocolate pie, the sight of roses blooming after a long winter

For making people into new creations - for the life of my friend who lost six family members during the turmoil in Rwanda and went on to found a reconciliation ministry with the brother of the man who murdered his own brother

Give thanks for the five senses. And share some of your favorite creations or re-creations here.

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Erin said...

The Sabbath.

So much of what we do in the 6-day week is man-focus, man-generated, focused on man's wisdom. I've lately been thinking about how we need a break from all the "man-stuff" to rest in a lull. No building, no striving, no seeking to make a name for ourselves. Just resting and, in fact, doing a bit of deconstruction of the vain things we've built into our lives.

It's amazing the things that God knows about us.