Monday, August 10, 2009

FREE! Kona with Jonah Giveaway

Starting September 7, 2009 we'll start a full SPS using Kona with Jonah, the latest in my Coffee Cup Bible Study series, due off the press next week. And that means now's the time to think about a couple of giveaways with winners to be announced August 24. Here's how you enter for the drawings: Write a few lines about a storm you remember. Here's mine to get you started:

When I was three years old, a terrible storm blew through Oregon's Willamette Valley on Columbus Day. We lost power for a few days and my dad was out of town, so a friend of my parents rode his bike out to our rural home to make sure my mom and five kids were okay.

Remember, winners will be announced August 24. You may enter twice.


Kelley said...

We lived in Baton Rouge, LA, during Hurricane Andrew back in 1992. I was in college yet living with my parents that semester, in a rent house a few blocks away from the home they were building. It was still being framed that week when the storm blew in--a category 2 by the time it reached us. I remember huddling at the rent house with everyone, the electricity going out, the plumbing backing up, the sky turning green, and the wind whipping through the trees--and bringing down a goodly number of ancient oaks.
Thankfully, both of "our" houses were spared, though the plumbing issues forced us to bunk at my grandma's house for a couple of nights. Maneuvering through the neighborhood, I saw massive trees lying on homes, in yards, across vehicles...everywhere. It looked a lot like the picture you have posted up there!

Carmen said...

I grew up in tornado alley Kansas. We frequently had to go to the basement in the middle of the night every summer. However, the summer when I was 6 years old was an especially active year for tornadoes. Our good friends business was destroyed and I was terrified of tornadoes after that!

Nicole Unice said...

In 2003, Hurricane Isabel blew through Richmond, knocking out power and water in some places for weeks. Several stately oaks fell in our neighborhood, smashing cars and blocking roads. I remember peering out my toddler's window, listening to the wind tossing debris against the house. We pulled our toddler's crib into the hallway, safe from the windows. I was filled with awe at the power of God's hand, and became very grateful for the things we take for granted: lights, water, refrigeration,

Katybug said...

I was in Camp Fire Girls (now Camp Fire Kids...ugh!) growing up, and our group went camping about every other month at the CFG Campgrounds. We usually spent our weekends in cabins but were very excited when we finally got OUR TURN to camp out in the pup tents [this was when I was in middle school, before I knew better;-)]. But once we arrived and got everything unpacked and set up, the sky clouded up and started to let loose! I was ready to pack it up and head stuff was wet, I was wet and cold to the bone. We ended up staying in a big meeting room, all our sleeping bags around the big fireplace. We soon had a roaring fire built, and it was warm and comforting. And even though the rather intense storm came and went fairly quickly and interrupted our plans, our weekend ended up being a fun one. Of all the camp-outs we had, this one is the one I remember most.

Southern Dreaming said...

Late one night, unexpectedly, the perfect storm roared up the hallway between the two rooms, slamming one of the doors in the process, and sticking it shut. So one pushed, one pulled, with increasing frustration and anger. In the meantime, the uneaten dinner sat cold and clammy on the counter, and the cats all ran for cover. Ugly, this night was, and really all that was needed was a little consideration and an estrogen patch.

Sandi said...

Southern Dreaming, girl, you made me LOL! Nice twist on the word "storm." I'll bet you colored outside the lines, huh?

Southern Dreaming said...

I learned from the best.

mutating missionary said...

I am simply copy/pasting from an entry in my journal:

Boldly I push the doors open
Walls of water penetrate my skin
Washing over and through me
I laugh
Intelligent, sassy, sexy, godly female
Refusing to shield
Refusing to remove
Refusing to stagnate
Walls of water penetrate

I just returned from a chick-flick. Its late, the drive home was wet, wild, wonderful - the light show incredible. And God once again reminded me of the truth, I am a sexy woman that loves Him. One day it will be received, honored, enjoyed, and accepted.
2nd writing…
Boldly push doors open
Walls of water penetrate
Wash over and through
Resonate laughter
Intelligent, sassy, sexy, godly female
Refuse to shield
Refuse to remove
Refuse to stagnate
Walls of water penetrate

robyn rochelle eubanks
july 6 2004

(an aside: I had no idea I would actually be a missionary beginning 2006. At this point in time I recognize I may still have all of those desires, but now I know "My Husband is My Maker." interesting how the 'storm' of moving to a totally different culture, learning a new language, and leaving all one knows behind can change things.)

Rose said...

Spring 1978 ... Central Illinois was hit with an historic ice storm around Easter. Dozens of small towns were without electricity for two weeks. I was out of town when it hit, but came home to inches of ice over everything. The experience gave me a lesson in adapting.