Friday, October 27, 2006

6-Word Story

My artistic leanings are not in the area of writing but I know that most of the people who read here are writers. I found the article, Very Short Stories, in this month's issue of WIRED magazine really fun. It starts: "We'll be brief: Hemingway once wrote a story in just six words ("For sale: baby shoes, never worn.") and is said to have called it his best work."

The imagery and emotion projected from just those six words is amazing. WIRED went on the ask several sci-fi, fantasy and horror writers to contribute six-word stories. You can find their contributions here.

On Erin's blog she had you write a poem based on the letters in your comment's Word Verification code (I'm still working on mine). How about posting a six-word story here? Here's some of mine:

STEP ONE: Stab syringe into heart.

Scan negative. No life forms. Next.

"Really? How can you tell?"

"On the outside..."
"You! Shu'up!"


Erin said...

So his cowboy boots grew cobwebs.

Jake found $12,000 in the envelope.

Wanted: Beaver pelt, or tail.

Romance was never this fun.

Don't walk so close to the

Shake whipped cream can. Aim.

Chris said...

Blood came raining down: pure white.

"You two and you two - jump!"

Her cries stopped; his started. Joy!

"Just one more thing: You're fired."

She hasn't anymore pain. Probably. Finally.

rhon said...

Wow! Very smart. Great ideas for short stories or poems.

gretalynn said...

Greta longed for some country laziness.

"What? City life can be boring?"

Jeez, Louise, this ain't so bad!

Zip up the sleeping bag--SNAKES!!!

Feeling silly, she danced like Travolta.

San said...

For sale: Wedding Dress. Never worn.

Tiffany stared at the text message.

Shh! A noise... The strangler? Here?!

Zip up. No neck exposed. Vampires!

The car thief was my ex?