Saturday, January 06, 2007

COMING to SPS: Mocha on the Mount (02/02/2007)

Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld, 1886-96, from Die Bibel in BildernAs my well illuminated friend has mentioned, we are getting ready to kick off a new SoulPerSuit (SPS) study using the Coffee Cup Bible Study "Mocha on the Mount" by Sandra Glahn.

Basically, SPS is a technique that can be used with any Bible study. You're familiar with application questions in a Bible study? First you may read a passage of scripture, then a teacher will expound on that scripture to teach a certain principle or doctrine and then, finally, application questions are given to the student so that they can personally apply the principle or doctrine to their own life.

SPS is a new and creative way of making application, the final step in the study process. We use creativity to express our understanding and feelings about God and His Word when words may not suffice. We believe a creative expression makes the application more memorable and intrinsic.

Over the next three weeks on this blog, we will be talking more about SPS, introducing you to our trio of creators and using other shameless marketing tactics to entice you into giving SPS a try. SPS is not for sale (not yet!). We are a grassroots production offering all of our time, support and encouragement for free. The only thing you need to join us this go around is a copy of the Bible study we've chosen, "Mocha on the Mount" by Sandra Glahn. It can be purchased from CBD or Amazon online. I would also suggest you call a local book distributor (Christian or non). My local distributor was able to get it in just two days (faster) and without the online shipping charges (cheaper).

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