Wednesday, January 24, 2007

WEEK 1: Shuffle

Times of DayUntil I get the first week up on the web site, I thought I would post the Shuffle the Deck and Play Your Hand here on the blog.

Warm up with one or both of the following:
  1. What is your favorite time of day? Describe it using all five senses.

  2. Salt Painting. In your journal or on a piece of watercolor paper, paint a large swath of color, at least 4" x 4". Sprinkle your painting with table salt. Once dry, wipe away the salt and enjoy the effect.


Do Week 1 of Mocha on the Mount.

Once you have completed Week 1 of Mocha on the Mount, decorate a playing card, a playing-card sized piece of paper or cardboard with something associated with the following:
  1. Compare your present value system to Jesus' system.

  2. A specific way you can be light and salt in your circle of influence.

  3. The "Blessed" that impacts you the most.

Don't forget to share your cards and insights with us.

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