Thursday, January 25, 2007

SPS: Supplies

Erin suggested that I give you a heads up on the types of supplies you might need to do SPS.
  1. Journal - Even with the Mocha on the Mount spiral bound book, you may want to have an additional, blank journal. You can record insights, questions, and prayers. You can use it for Shuffle the Deck and to jot notes/sketches for Play Your Hand. Glue a large envelope on the front or back cover and you can store clippings and/or your playing cards.

  2. Playing Cards - This is the canvas for the art work you create in Play Your Hand. Playing cards aren't required, just the trademark of SPS. We originally chose playing cards because: (1) they were small therefore did not stare at you demandingly like an 8"x10" canvas. You could finish a piece of art quickly resulting in a quick payoff. (2) They could be sent through the mail. Our original idea was for a mail art project between friends.

  3. Old magazines - Another trademark medium of SPS. Many of the cards you see in the SPS galleries are collages made from magazine clippings. If you don't have any, begin checking with your friends or try Goodwill.

  4. Sharpie - If you use playing cards, you will discover some frustrations with their plastic finish. Sharpie permanent markers work great and they come in so many wonderful colors now.

  5. Glue stick - For obvious reasons - to glue stuff on your card.
Outside of this, the sky is the limit. Just watch your time and remember that the study in the middle, Deal the Cards, is the main point!

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Christianne said...

What a great post! I love the pictures. :)