Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Announcement: Cappuccino with Colossians

Registration is now open for the next SoulPerSuit group going through Sandra Glahn's book, Cappuccino with Colossians

If you're interested in joining this study art group, here are some things you need to know:

- Contrary to what I wrote here before, we are NOT hosting the group on ShoutLife. Sorry to misinform you, but after examining the technical details, we decided to go back to the mostly-trustworthy but at least very-familiar Yahoo group. So, if you 'd like to join the discussion, click the purple button on the right.

- This SoulPerSuit group is limited to 10 participants, so if you'd like to join the discussion, click the purple button on the right.

-Our group discussion will begin on April 13 and run for 9 weeks. Get yourself a copy of Cappuccino with Colossians, break out your deck of playing cards, the scissors and glue sticks, and click the purple button on the right.


John & Lela said...

i just went to join the yahoo group, but wanted to comment here as well. i am living in moscow, russia and my mother is coming to visit on april 27. she will be bringing the book with her then. this would put me a week (or two) behind, but i would really love to join the study. this would challenge me both spiritually and artistically. is it possible for me to get the first weeks online somewhere? i have already purchased the book, but just won't have it for a bit. thanks! ~lela selwaystudios @ yahoo . com

San said...

Yup, we'll shoot you what you need to hold you over. Welcome!

Mildred said...

Looking for forward to studing Colossians and learning more about the word of God.
bearhugs, Mildred

Dee said...

It would surprise even my friends if they knew what I had hidden in my closet. Actually, it's what my closets lack. Once employed in interior design, I decorated each room in my home from top to bottom. What I didn't paint was the inside of my closets! Can you say faux pas?