Thursday, April 03, 2008

Free Giveaway

Did you notice the announcement (above) about the new Yahoo group we're forming for the next Colossians study? Well, here's your chance to win a copy of Cappuccino with Colossians.

Just leave a comment, and we'll hold a drawing next Friday for the winner. What should you say? Pretend you're an author whose story begins with this sentence: "It would surprise even my friends if they knew what I had hidden in my closet." For your comment: Use your imagination and tell one thing your character is hiding and why.


heather a. goodman said...

The entire VHS collection of Sesame Street.
It's true.
No, I didn't buy it. I taped each one (ha, ha, ha). It began when I was three (ha, ha, ha). I don't remember the story, although I've been told it so many times, I sometimes think I remember it.
We had just gotten a VCR. I watched as Mom and Dad systematically recorded every movie on TV Friday and Saturday nights. Our collection built like prefab homes.
I needed my own collection. That collection had to be Sesame Street.
I demanded. I begged. I made deals like promising to give our goldfish a bath every night if I could only tape "Says-me Street." My mother's still sorry she relented.
Secretly, I recorded through junior high and high school. I entered college with the idea that I'd finally quit this habit. Not so. Even then, I popped in a VHS before crawling into bed the night before, set the timer, and dreamt of Big Bird and Snuffilupicus.
I remember when Snuffilupicus was Big Bird's imaginary friend. I remember when Elmo came onto the scene. I know that Bert and Ernie were the only two (ha, ha, ha) Muppets characters to appear on the Sesame Street pilot episode. I had a rubber ducky. In college, I anonymously staged a protest when it was claimed that Bert and Ernie were gay. I wore a costume--of Oscar, no less. No one ever suspected it was me. Avenue Q is my favorite musical. I know who took Bert's cookies. I left homemade cookies for the Cookie Monster every Friday night.
I wrote my thesis for a masters in Children's Literature on the character development of Kermit the Frog.
I still pop in a VHS every night before going to bed, check the timer, and dream of Big Bird and Snuffilupicus.

Erin said...

That's hilarious.
Glad your character showed restraint when it came to Barney and Friends. :)

Abby said...

"I have two small shoeboxes of ribbons and lace. I guess it's not that shocking, at least if you know nothing about me. But if anyone was to look at the current "me" they would never guess that my former "me" was a frill seeker.

"I know I come off (as far as fashion is concerned) as sedate, sporty, blase, and perhaps even a little bit monochromatic, so the thought that I ever would have been found draped in battenburg lace and twirly skirts would be a far off thought.

"I have kept safe and secret my hair ribbons since my 4th birthday (they matched my Rainbow Bright dress did my pigtails) and I have only added to my collection as the years have gone by. I (obsessive complusively) started collecting any ribbon or lace I could find - the shiny ribbon from my sister's Christmas present, the yellowed lace from my doll's apron, and that spool of 3" wide pink organza that my mom thought she had left at the checkout counter.

"I had a very good reason for harvesting these frills and fringes whenever the opportunity arose. Sadly, though, now that I am the "me" that I've become, I doubt they will ever be anything more than a secret, and I doubt you will ever really know why I kept them."

Honestly though, I do have a box of shot glasses. But that is a story for another day.