Friday, May 15, 2009

Free Key - Dragon Key

I've been playing around with the fantasy Free Key idea since Wednesday and having a really good time with it.

It started off too cutesy. It was like I was trying to force it; I don't know why. I guess I haven't completely recovered from that whole glitter incident. Bunny ears, musical notes, and sun beams are just some of the things I started drawing.


I know!

It just wasn't working. For some reason I was fighting the compulsion to make the key look like a bat. When I quit fighting the urge, things really started to click.

Fantasy art has always been very appealing. Last week I came across a book on how to draw dragons, which I'd love to do. So this is how I ended up with a draft for the dragon key.

It's great because this is an idea I'm excited about. I just haven't decided how I'm going to execute it yet. My original plan was simply to cut it out of colored paper and accent it with gel pens (and glitter. no. just kidding. maybe glitter. snap out of it!)

This concept needs something more. I've considered watercolors (believe it or not) or colored pencils. This was spurred by a wonderful full color picture I found while researching dragons.

Now this is more like a key to a fantasy land I want to visit. I still think there will be bunnies. Let's hope they're the right kind (warning, graphic bunny violence!)

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