Monday, May 04, 2009

Play Your Hand

This week in the Book of Judges, we read how Samson, empowered by the Spirit, killed a lion and later ate honey from its carcass. Both events foreshadowed key episodes in the story, telling us something about Samson’s strength and weakness. His lion-killing skill showed what he could accomplish through the Spirit’s power. With God’s help, he defeated one thousand Philistines, just as he killed the lion.

But his honey-eating episode suggested his failure to control lust. Satisfying his physical desire was more important to him than his status as a Nazirite. (Nazirites weren’t allowed to hang around carcasses.)

Sometimes we’re a lot like Samson. We may accomplish great good as we yield to the Spirit. But we may also indulge our flesh. All in the same afternoon. We’re so conflicted!

As you consider your inner spiritual conflict, take some time to engage creatively and reflectively in what we’ve read. Below are some options. You can either go with your own idea or select from one of these:

Make a card about…
. Your Spiritual Strength vs. Fleshly Weakness
. A way to set yourself apart for God
. In what ways do you feel inadequate to serve God

For more info about how to do Play Your Hand exercises, you can go here.

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