Monday, May 18, 2009

Play Your Hand

We’re in week six of our journey through Java with the Judges. This study includes both the ending of the Book of Judges (the diced-up concubine) and the introduction to the Book of 1 Samuel (Hannah). The events in the stories we’re exploring took place during a time in Israel’s history when judges ruled. In this week’s events—which include both gang rape and quiet faithfulness—we see the interplay of power and corruption as well as silent strength.

Now it’s time to engage creatively, reflectively in what we’ve read.

Below are some options. Feel free to make up your own or select from one of these:

Make your card about…
. How your actions/treatment of strangers reflect your spiritual condition.
. What sacrifice you could exchange for obedience.
. What purpose you are fulfilling--or not fulfilling.

For more info about how to do Play Your Hand exercises, you can go here.

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