Thursday, September 30, 2004

10 Ways I Find to Be Content

It's one of the "Shuffling the Deck" questions for Lament: Lesson 2. I don't know if my answers say that I'm easily contented, or just very shallow.

- Knowing there is still $ on my Visa Buxx card.
- Knowing that I don't have to do laundry AT ALL this week and we'll still have enough clean clothes.
- Cleaning out our clutter to cart it off to the church garage sale.
- Even though I've gained "baby weight," have wild hair and don't usually have time to put on makeup, my husband still chooses me.
- My husband is actively pursuing his own spiritual growth and leading our family spiritually.
- Lazing in the backyard with my kids.
- Listening to really well-crafted music.
- Watching my infant fall asleep in my arms.
- Doing things together with my husband.
- A grande mocha from Starbucks.


gramarty said...

I just spent a half hour writing 10 ways I find to be content. I previewed it and wanted to add something but finding no "edit" option, used my back button and lost the whole thing...I'm no longer content! Bev

rhon said...

Bev - I'm sorry that people are having trouble using the blog. I understand that there aren't very many instructions and it's not clear how it works. It was very quick and easy to set up the blog and I wanted something quickly to establish a SPS community for the Lament study. I am looking at a couple of solutions: Immediately - writing some instructions for the blog; Long-term - creating something more like a bulletin board or chat room. It takes a lot more work to set up a bulletin board but maybe I can have it done by the time the next study is ready to launch. Sorry for the frustration.

rhon said...

- Leave on a long trip and realize I miss my home
- Visit the hospital and realize I’m very healthy
- Listen to ladies tell me about their divorce/legal troubles and appreciate that I’m a very happily married woman
- Read a 100 resumes and interview a dozen women who are out of work and know that I’ve always been able to get a job
- Coffee, chocolate cake and a movie
- Sitting for two hours early in the morning reading by myself
- Riding my bike
- Having coffee with my sister
- Getting Thank You notes/kudos from my friends
- Hearing someone say, “Wow” when they see my work

Dena said...

-enjoying outside discoveries with my kids.
-missing my girls when we're apart.
-picking up after "them" without being mad.
-loving the little things my husband does.
-being far from family and not needing them close.
-not thinking anything when playdough is in my kitchen tile grout because knowing lots of creative things were made on that floor (and they had fun).
-enjoying my empty calendar.
-not needing the latest shoe style or purse.
-borrowing books/things instead of buying.
-inviting a friend over without cleaning first.