Thursday, September 09, 2004

How to send us your pictures?

Hello, Valerie! It is so WONDERFUL to have you on board.

Valerie asked a good question. As you make cards during your SPS experience, we would love it if you would share them with the rest of the SPS community. Of course, I understand that there will be some cards that are too personal to share. But if you send me your card, I will assume it is o.k . to publish it on the web site.

Simply e-mail me your cards at soulpersuit at soulpersuitdotcom. I will format them and add them to the Lament gallery ( And please, please, please tell me about your card so I can include that also.

You also do not have to make a card. You can write a poem or a lament or a song. You can take photographs or make a video. If you can e-mail it to me, I'll get it in the gallery.

I'll be adding more stuff to the web site this weekend and I hope to meet all of you eventually here in the blog.


Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone, I just thought I'd give you a little background information on me.
I'm 58years old, married, I have three kids and 14 grandkids. Acat 9 blood and 5 extra ones that God gave me through 2nd marriages. Mine and my youngest daughters. I love collage and how it has evolved into and accepted art form. I love the fact of putting the Bible and Art together. Since I believe that God gave us this inate "Need" to create. I hope to get to know you all through the blog and feel free to e-mail me.I'm going to try and get something done in the Psalms today and possibly post something soon..Love Dee Chapman

Erin said...

Welcome to Soul Per Suit, Dee!

I enjoy collage too, although I don't think I'm all that great at it. Sometimes I feel like I am a walking collage myself- all kinds of seemingly unrelated images, thoughts and memories glued down together. I guess I can relate, if one CAN relate to an art form!

I look forward to seeing your Laments and collages soon.