Friday, September 17, 2004

Post Your Lament Here

I am interested to read the variety of ailments and difficulties that plague us SPSer's. Here's a recent one from me:

Poopy Panty Lament
Make her stop! Change her heart! Put the poop in the potty!! My energy is gone, my resolve is wilted. How long will she continue to oppose me? How long will she insist on inconveniencing all of us?
My 4 year old daughter, the precious gift from your hand, continues to poop in her panties. She is fully capable of using the toilet, but in her iron will and laziness she chooses to use her panties like a diaper. We were struggling with the exact same thing a year ago. A year ago! In one year, we have seemingly made no progress in potty training. She is so intelligent, so advanced, so keen in so many ways; why oh why does she want to drag the potty training out for an eternity?
Father, you know her heart and her mind, you know what she is thinking when she does this, you know what it will take to make her want to change. Steve and I have tried everything we know, we are at the end of our wisdom. From the creative to the punitive, nothing has seemed to make a dent in this child’s perspective. Move in her heart, convict her of her rebellion and laziness, show her the practical benefits of keeping herself clean (after all, she is a very pragmatic thinker). Show Steve and me how to love her despite her sin, show me how I am so like her in so many ways and how you must parent me in my laziness and disobedience.
I trust we will not struggle with poopy panties forever. I know that someday this will seem like an insignificant dot on the eternal timeline. Enable me to show her Your faithfulness by loving her in spite of her disobedience.


maranatha said...

We were reminiscing yesterday about something Sophie did while we visited some dear friends for several days. We thought she was taking an extra long nap. When we retrieved her, we found her hands and face smeared with poop. Poop was everywhere--on her friend's bedspread, in the dollhouse. But for a long time we couldn't find the big cahuna. Finally, with triumph, she led us to the play kitchen. There, in the roasting pan of the tiny oven was the poop--all ready to be broiled.

Now Sophie is eleven going on thirty with concerns like, will I make friends at this international school? And, how many ways can I roll my eyes? I actually miss the poopy kitchen days. Ah, who am I kidding? :-)The days of poopy-ness stink!

Hang in there, friend!


Erin said...

Thanks, Mare. She actually hasn't done it in several weeks, but I'm not ready to put all my eggs in that basket just yet. I found her playing quietly in the corner this morning, and you know what the first question out of my mouth was- "Are you pooping in our panties?" I'm such a skeptic!
I am sure that Madamoiselle Sophia is honored that you are airing her "dirty laundry" for all the world to read. :) Just tell her you are using her story in a positive light to encourage another young mom.

Dena said...

Here is one of the laments I wrote about a month ago. I felt like there was no time for me because of all the demands of parenting, partnering, etc. Pulled in every direction at once without giving fulling in any area. And having not learned to "deal with it." (card in progress) ;)

Lord I need help.
It feels tight and scary.
It feels awful. Like failure.
I don't like it.

There are so many needs,
how can I meet them all?
Forgive me for not trusting that you
know what is best and what will come.

Why do I feel stuck in this rut? Have I not learned from the past? I fail, you help, I forget.
Am I not getting the point or am I just resisting change?

Deep down I know the answer.
Father guide me like no other can.
Fill me with the desire to continue daily on the journey you have planned.
The one that makes you smile as a father would. The one that I know makes a difference because it is your will.
Don't take away the struggles, teach me to see the obstacle as you see it. To grasp how to overcome.
Thank you father for being on my side.

Erin said...

This is great! What is your card about this lament going to look like? I can't wait to see it. (And how come I didn't know this little jewel-of-a-post was up here???)

Dena said...

It must be the "busyness" that we get tangled up in!! ;)