Sunday, September 05, 2004

Lament is launched

SPS is a bible based, full sensory, creative experience that explores, expresses, discovers and internalizes the mysteries of our relationship with God.

The creators of SPS believe that everyone is creative because God is a creator. We want individuals to rediscover and use their creative nature in their pursuit of understanding and experiencing these God mysteries.

The first topic our on-line SoulPerSuit (SPS) community will explore is Lament (griping in the spirit). If you don't know anything about SPS, here's how to get started.

- Go to the web site ( and read "About SPS" and "How to SPS"
- Visit the card art galleries to see how it's done.

Besides me, the geek, there are two other very creative minds behind SPS: Erin the artist & Sandi the writer. We look forward to getting to know you.

We also very much want to see the card art you create as a result of doing Lament SPS-style. Please photograph or scan your cards and send them to us via the web site.


Erin said...

Yay! It's up! Rhonda, the site looks great! Your SPS logo on the home page fits in so well. For all of you that are new to SPS (and those who have done this before) let's do some introductions.
Tell us something about yourself, how you found out about SPS, and what you are looking forward to through this experience.
I'm Erin. I live in the Dallas area with my husband and 3 daughters. Rhonda and I kind of developed SPS over the phone after we spent a wonderful week creating art together in Nov. 2002. We wanted to continue to collaborate, but had the TX - NC distance to deal with. 2 years later, SPS has blossomed and morphed into what you see now. Pretty wild.

I splurged and got a massage last week. The therapist spent several minutes working out what she called "stress knots". Apparently, most people have at least 2 (a matched pair), and often have to go in for more than one treatment to release all the acid build-up in the muscle. I asked her how stress knots develop in the first place. "Oh, just the stress of daily life," was her response. Gee, I didn't think I was under THAT much stress, I just came back from vacation for goodness sake.
But the more I think about it, the more I realize that I carry around an element of stress from the moment I get out of bed, until the moment I hit the pillow at night. Life is not convenient or easy. Sure, there's plenty to be joyful about, but I'd be lying to say that life doesn't bring me down at times. My hope for SPS and studying Lament is to get some of those "stress knots" worked out in a healthy way (and cheaper than a massage!). I want to get to the heart of what's bugging me, say it out loud, examine it, look it in the face, and deal with it (hopefully). It'll be my version of a "soul massage."

Valerie said...


I'm so glad to be part of this Bible study!

Just so I understand how to send pictures - you would like us to send an email (to the address given on the site) with the picture attached?

~ Valerie

Valerie said...

A little bio:

I grew up in Dallas Texas. I know Rhonda and Erin because we went to Creekside (church) together – that seems like a long time ago. Rhonda worked with the youth group and Erin was my very first art teacher. I moved to Portland Oregon on Dec 30th 2003. God worked immediately. Crazy road trip (mom accompanied). Three days after arriving in Portland I met my current boyfriend, Matt. Matt introduced me to his awesome Baptist church. The college group has been incredibly welcoming. And everyone keeps asking when Matt & I are getting married. I ask them if they are going to sponsor the wedding. But seriously, not any time soon.

I moved to Portland for a B.S. in graphic design at the Art Institute of Portland. I have taken a printmaking class this quarter and love it! It has now been 9 months and just now feeling a little homesick. Portland's not so shiny and new anymore. Portland is a very liberal, democratic city that is drenched in art.

So, I'm working, going to school, and have a small social life.

becky said...
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becky said...

hi everyone. i'm becky. i live in the dallas area, have a cat named bew (aka "no"), and work for a college ministry. here are some things i do in my free time (in no particular order): work with the youth at church, pottery, media shout, photography, guitar, read, sail/kyak/canoe, graphic design (print & web), and spend time with friends.

erin and i go to church the infamous creekside (now rowlett bible fellowship). i think erin i great (see 02/27/04 post). i met rhonda through erin when she came for a visit a coulpe years ago. then i got to know her better last november at the creekside women's retreat.

this is my second soul per suit endeavor, and i can't wait! i learned so much through the worship project. great imagry erin with the "soul massage". hmm....maybe this time around i'll aim to make lemonade out of the lemons in my life.

Erin said...
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Erin said...

steve told me to delete that. the booger. he just wanted to see what it would do. What I SAID was... "Hey Becky, I LOVE lemonade. Let's squeeze some together."

becky said...

i don't like that little delete button. i accidentally hit it yesterday. it doesn't ask to make sure you want to beware!

erin, how does monday night look?

Erin said...

well... Steve is going to help a friend tile his floor so I will have to stay here. It'll work out fine if you want to bring your cards here and work on them. Or do you wanna just sit and visit?

Erin said...

Anyone else in the Dallas area want to hook up to work on some SPS cards together? Monday evening at my place, say 7pm?

sarah_st.andre said...

Well, here I am, posting a blog...just for you, Erin! I am excited mostly to see what will develop out of my NON-creative brain with this project. In my other Bible study, we are doing an inductive look into I&II Samuel, so I'm sure alot of what I am learning there will come forth. The question is...what will it look like?

rhon said...

Sarah - What an exciting and mysterious question: "The question is - what will it look like?" What a great adventure of discovery you have ahead of you. I can't wait to see what it looks like either!

rhon said...
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Abby said...

Well, Erin, your non-artistic sisters are both behind you. I just read your Jonah bit. Thanks again for making me cry. I think my first lament is going to be missing you guys. One thing I've never learned in my Christian walk is how to lament. I never thought I was really allowed to. Now that I know that not only I can, but that I should, this should be interesting.

Erin said...

Hi "Aunt Abby"!! I'm glad that you are going to be joining us in lamenting. Gee, I always have something to lament... if you're at a loss, I can loan you one. ;) I'm posting another Lament card in the gallery, there are 3 or 4 already in there. (not all by me) Go and look at them!

rhon said...

Welcome Abby! Be sure to read 'Refrigerator Art' on the web site to get relief from feeling "non-artistic". I will post soon on my belief that we are all artistic. Coming soon!

maranatha said...

I'm not sure how to post here other than comment. How do I post???

I thought I'd send you some laments I've had as I've moved here.

Mary (maranatha)

rhon said...

Mary - Please see my last comment in the "Ask Us Your Questions" post. It explains posting. I can't wait to read your laments! Please add them as comments to the post titled "Post Your Lament Here". Thanks so much for joining us. Can you tell us where you moved from and to and why?