Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gallery Wednesday - Judges 4

I didn't get a card up for Gallery Wednesday; things have just been crazy this past week. (And you guys aren't helping! Is anyone else making cards? Is anyone out there - there - there - there? Hello - Hello - Hello - Hello?)

This "card", for what it's worth, is the best I can do for this week. It just goes to show you sometimes it's not the art or the time, it's just getting your feelings on the page.

So how does this card apply to you?
What verse or quote would you attach to this card?


Pam said...

Sometimes a hot shower cleanses away all the days stresses. I sure could use a hot shower today.

Thanks for your suggestion on my blog - I appreciate your support.

Erin said...

This card is a good representation of the only reflective time I seem to have right now.

Reading and studying in the book of Judges has definitely caused me to examine the sin cycles in my life and to open up a new dialog with the Lord concerning those cycles. I've even been struck with some powerful visual imagery to make a SPS card.

But the time has simply not been available for me to sit down and flesh out my thoughts. Rather than spending hours in the art studio, or days on a personal retreat for solitude and reflection like I'd like, I am "reduced" to conversing with God in the shower every morning. (In between calling out to my kids to quit banging on the door!)

I will not look this gift horse in the mouth though.