Monday, April 20, 2009

Play Your Hand

We’re in week four of our journey through the Book of Judges. And we continue observing ancient Israel’s cycle of sin, suffering, supplication, and salvation. Often we find this very cycle in our own lives. We mess up; we endure the consequences; we ask for deliverance; God bails us out. History certainly repeats itself!

Now it’s time to engage creatively, reflectively in what we’ve read. So below are some options. Either make up your own or select from one of these. Make a card about…

. Any change in your personal Cycle of Misery. If you made a card for your personal cycle in week 1, review the card. Are there any changes? Why? If you didn’t make a personal cycle of misery card in week 1, consider making one this week.
. What your current spiritual legacy looks like.
. A prayer for God’s Church that is suffering.
. Like Ephriam, fighting with the family while ignoring the common enemy.

For more info about how to do Play Your Hand exercises, you can go here.

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