Monday, April 06, 2009

Play Your Hand

It's "Play Your Hand" day. Play Your Hand is a SoulPerSuit label for the exercise in which we provide questions designed to inspire artistic interaction about the week's study. Because we're journeying through the biblical Book of Judges, this week's questions relate to our third week in Java with the Judges.
For more info about how to do Play Your Hand exercises, go here.
This week: Choose one of the questions below or make up one of your own. As you ponder it, think about how you can make an SPS card (or clay piece, or jewelry, etc.) to illustrate your idea of choice. Here are some idea options for week three.
Make a card about…

. An area where you’re weak and God is strong.
. The signs you require from God before you believe Him.
. Your fleece.
. Bing like Jotham—allowing God to seek vengeance on your behalf.
. Worship in the midst of your weakness.

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