Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gallery Wednesday - Judges 5

Take Me Away

For this weeks Shuffle, I'm selecting to take some pictures of my cathedral - a place where I'm inspired.
Most people know that I love the beach. You might find it surprising that I actually don't like water but I love laying on the beach. The sounds and smells are so relaxing to me.

I experienced God's cathedral when I was at Reynolda Village, laying on my back on their lush lawn looking up through the enormous pine trees at the blue sky. Suddenly I felt like I was in the chapel that God built.

There is a more readily available place I can go and I went there today. My bathtub. There's just nothing like a steaming hot bubble bath. I light a candle, put on some Benedictine monks or sounds of the ocean, and lay back on my plastic pillow. (You may notice I don't have a picture for this. You're lucky; I thought of it but not until after my soak.)

I find it interesting that all of these have my laying down which changes my perspective and shuts out as much of the busy world around me as possible. I'm able to concentrate on the sensations available.

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