Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gallery Wednesday - Judges 4

One of the Plays for this week was to color a monochromatic face with colors that describe my mood today.

I quickly sketched a female face on watercolor paper and then outlined it using a sharpie. I have a lot of Fernanda Guedes influences in there. I love her portraits.

Lucky for me, I think, I was in a really great mood today. The sun is out, the temperatures are mild, I got a fantastic haircut, did some shopping, splurged on a latte, and my husband started a job after six months of unemployment. Pretty much all the best things that can happen in one day.

My face turned out looking a lot like a transvestite but I felt very colorful, bright, and happy to be me today. Pink is my happy color for 2009. I wanted the portrait to appear friendly and psychedelic. The flame hair may not really fit with "friendly".


Erin said...

I definitely see Fernanda Guedes in this, Rhonda. Great work.

And The Geek has employment??? AWESOME! We need to hear more of this story for sure.

rhon said...

MyGeek's previous employer,QC, called him late last week. They have a new contract starting in a couple of weeks. He went in yesterday just for some training on a s/w tool.

The contract only runs 4 months but there's a possibility for it to go longer. He's been wanting a chance to learn this tool since he first started working there so this is great, real time experience. I wish he could get something besides contract work but at least it's something. He's very happy.

QC has been in touch with him since they had to let him go. Anytime they had anything hopeful, or not, they checked in with him to see what he was up to. It's a really good group of people to work for.

Erin said...

Praise God for His provision for you guys. :)