Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Gallery Wednesday - Judges 1

Here's my quick shot at the circular calendar Shuffle.

The seasonal pictures were all taken around here where I live, except for summer which was taken in Florida. I've written brief descriptions of how I feel about those seasons.

Winter is my least favorite because I hate being cold. I also hate bulky clothes, sweaters, and dressing in layers.

Spring and fall are my favorites because nature puts on such an amazing color show and in the spring you can start showing off your pedicure.

I'm not sure why but I started thinking about clothes seasonally and, naturally, ended up at shoes.

My sister bought me these wonderful zipper boot shoes for the fall. I feel so stylish when I wear them.

Of course, the year round shoe is the fuzzy pink slippers.

You may notice there are no shoes pictured for the spring. Darn, guess I need to go shopping.

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