Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gallery Wednesday - Judges 2

Free to be Me

This is the companion card to the "Fear" card I made the first week. The cards were painted at the same time. I knew then that flying away in freedom was going to be a process, not a flip of the switch or one walk through a labyrinth.

As I write this, I have to admit that I feel very much back in the fear prison more than ever. Did you see the movie The Aviator about Howard Hughes? The accuracy of the facts aren't what's important but the image of Hughes near the end, imprisoned in a room of his own making came in my head. The progression of accepting your fears builds and builds until you've given in to so many of them they are all you see. I remember thinking at the end of the film how sad, what a waster of a great mind. Are we not doing the same thing with the gifts and talents God has given us as we use fear and circumstance over and over again as an excuse not to glorify Him as the wonderful beings we are?

I got that image of Howard Hughes and finally became more afraid of the room than the fears. I want to keep that image of cowering in that room when so many love me and care for me and see my potential. It's still a long path to trust and courage but at least I prefer it to the room.

"The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,
Because the Lord has anointed me
To bring good news to the afflicted
He has sent me to bind up the broken hearted,
To proclaim liberty to captives,
And freedom to prisoners."
- Isaiah 61:1

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Schweers' Mom said...

I love how you express yourself via visual art! Maybe it's my FEAR that keeps me from using my creativity to express myself this way.

What I find difficult about fear is that sometimes I'm not afraid of using my gifts, but I'm puzzled by how sometimes things come to a halt when I'm in the midst of something I'm enjoying. I always wonder if it's me or is it God who's closing the door? So much to think about!