Monday, March 23, 2009

Play Your Hand

Monday is "Play Your Hand" day here at SoulPerSuit. Play Your Hand is the SPS label for the exercise in which we give you thought-provoking questions about the week's study. Because we're journeying through Judges, this week's questions relate to our second week in the book.

If need more info about how to do Play Your Hand exercises, go here.

For this week: Choose one of the questions below or one of your own. As you ponder it, think about how you can make an SPS card to illustrate your idea of choice. Here are some idea options for week two:
Make a card about...

. A time God delivered you.
. An altar to your faith in God. Something that chronicles how He’s been faithful that you can show others, “See what God has done for me.”
. Areas where you use your gender as an excuse.
. Being like the biblical Barak—what what conditions do you place on your obedience?
. Being like Deborah—whose faith you can bolster with your presence?
. Being like Deborah—how can you encourage someone to godly action from “behind the scene”?
. Being like Jael (see painting)—what unconventional, yet familiar thing in your life can use to glorify God?

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