Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mentors - Judges 2

A couple of years ago I took the Clifton StrengthsFinder that evaluates natural talents. Along with a top five list of those talents or strengths, comes a helpful action item list on how to best utilize your them. One of my strengths is Focus which means I am extremely efficient and goal oriented. One of the action items for this strength said "Identify your role models. Write down in detail why you want to focus your career toward similar kind of achievement."

I couldn't think of anyone. At first, this seemed arrogant but I think I was being a little too hard on myself. Personalities are complicated and being a severely disciplined person, I tend to put my head down and drive forward carrying the weight of everything myself. I don't think I can or presume to ask anyone else for help. I'm too busy trying to do my thing perfectly to see how great everyone else is.

This question has come back up for me as I'm evaluating what I want to do with my life and how I want to direct my passions but I still can't think of anyone. Well, not anyone who's not fictional. There's Trinity from The Matrix who had such unwavering faith that she lost all of her fears when the world around her was quite literally being shredded. There's Eowyn from The Lord of The Rings who acted with such courage and loyealty to defend her people. And even when these women were called to fight a battle, they did not lose any of their femininity.

Who are the women who got a late start in life but made great achievements? How are they motivated to push themselves forward despite their obstacles? Who are these women in today's culture? I know they're out there but my head has been in the sand.

Who are your mentors and are there any women today, in the public eye, that inspire you?

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