Friday, March 13, 2009

Oops! I did it again. - Judges 1

Like the Israelites, there are some things in our lives that God has asked us to eliminate and we just haven't done it. What's amazing is that these are things God knows are tripping us up and of no benefit to our lives and to those around us. What's the deal and what do we do about it?
  1. Look for a pattern. Do you find yourself saying, "Oops! I did it again."? What do you keep doing? Is this a part of your cycle of misery? Write it down and give it a name. Come face-to-face with it.
  2. Look for the catalyst. More than likely, you're back in the cycle of misery because of fear and instead of trusting God, you've invented some other built in response when you get afraid. Why don't you trust God? Is it a lie? Find the truth!
  3. Look for time with God. Confess. Get it off your chest. Explain it all to God and ask for help. He's dying to be a part of this with you.
  4. Look forward. So, what's next? Will this ever happen again? Probably. But, things can be different next time. You have a name for what you've been doing and the trigger. You've started a dialogue with God about it. Make a battle plan. Set up reminders. Be on offense, not defense.
SPS cards are great for this working through this process.

Monday, we start Week 2 of Java with the Judges. It's a tough study. Or, is it just me?

If you're still on Week 1, that's fine. Stay there as long as you need to. We're all about flexibility here. Send in your SPS cards whenever you get them done and we'll post them on Gallery Wednesday. Post links to your blog post in our comments and we'll make sure they get highlighted too.

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Schweers' Mom said...

No, it's not just is a bit tough. I don't think the material is tough as much as looking at my failures and cycles that I'd like to break is tough. I don't think I have even close to an understanding of how much God hates sin. It's so easy to look at my "minor" sins and think that I'm pretty good for the most part. Sin is sin and none of it is "approved" by God. Heavy stuff.

But thanks be to God who gives us the victory through Christ Jesus!