Monday, March 09, 2009

Play Your Hand

Monday is "Play Your Hand" day. Play Your Hand is the SoulPerSuit label for the exercise in which we give you some thought-provoking questions about the week's study. Because we're journeying through Judges, the questions this go-round relate to our first week in the book. If you want more explanation and an example, go here. Choose one of the questions below or one of your own. As you ponder it, think about how you can make an SPS card to illustrate the idea. Here are the ideas for week one:

Make a card about...

. A time when you were suffering because of your sin and you cried out to God.
. Someone like a “judge” whom God sent in answer to your cry to be saved/rescued/ healed/freed.
. The Canaanites in your life, whether people, places or things. What or whom should you avoid because it/they will cause you to sin?
. Your own personal cycle of misery to remind you of the importance of obeying God. For each step, describe what you do and think at that step to remind you of what you’re doing. Write scripture, a letter, or instructions to yourself about what to do when you find yourself in this part of the cycle.

. Being like Ehud--an area of your life that requires immediate and drastic action
. Being like Shamgar--a creative solution to the need for change within you circle of influence
. How much God hates sin.

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