Friday, March 06, 2009

Judges Week 1

The Cycle of Misery in introduced in the first week study of Java with the Judges. This is the painful cycle we see God's people (that includes us) repeating: sinning, suffering for their disobedience, grieving their disobedience against God, and then God saving them.

In two of these steps, we are active participants: sin and supplication. For the other two steps, we are the recipients. Now if I boil this down in my analytical mind, that means, of the things I have control over, I am either in communion with God or I'm not. My role is not complicated to understand although it may be difficult to do.

In the book, Sandi asks if there is something you can do to improve where you are in the cycle.

This week I did something different and took a 1-person retreat for 48 hours. In Hamptonville, NC there is a not-for-profit ministry called Well of Mercy. Established and run by the Sisters of Mercy, it is intended for individuals - no group retreats allowed. They are meeting the need of individuals who want a place to go to be alone with God. Embedded in a beautiful, natural setting along a creek, there are no TVs, no ringing phones, and no computers! Believe me, the silence is hard to get use to.

We take vacations to de-stress. We take coffee breaks, smoke breaks, snack breaks, even "mental health" days. But what do we do for our spirit? How tired and stressed must our spirit be?

How creative can you be in coming up with new ways to vacation with God?


Schweers' Mom said...

As a matter of fact, I took a mini-vacation with God this weekend. It was amazing. Funny how it takes time and quiet to really communicate with God. I wrote about it on my blog

Erin said...

Lori and Rhon,
I knew that both of you were doing these personal retreats and thought to myself just this morning, "They are probably both discovering that 'cycle of sin' concept in various forms in their own lives. That fits perfectly with our Judges study."

Cool to see you both saying the same thing. :)

In lieu of my own 48 hour personal retreat, I'm thinking the circular calendar Shuffle the Deck activity will be a good way for me to reflect on my habits, good or bad, and clearly see some cycles in my behavior and thought life.