Sunday, March 15, 2009

SPS on Facebook

Updated 03/16/2009

Are you on Facebook? So are we.

If you'd like to be a part of the SoulPerSuit Group on Facebook, let us know so we can send you an invitation. You can leave your Facebook account name in the comments or e-mail it to us at soulpersuit at soulpersuit dot com. just do a search for "soulpersuit". When the search results show up, click the "Groups" tab. We should appear on the first page. Click "Request to join" and we'll approve it asap!

In the group you can post your SPS cards, participate in discussion questions, and get to know the whole SPS community.

Are there any other social networks that you use?


Sarah said...

I'd love an invite. I'm Sarah Pletcher Winfrey on FB.

rhon said...

Sarah - I've since learned that the best way to join the group is simply to do a search for soulpersuit in facebook.

In the search box in the top, right hand corner type "soulpersuit" and hit enter.

You'll get a page of search results. Click the tab that says "Groups". We should be listed on the first page.

Click "Request to Join". We'll get the request and approve it!

If you do a general search,

Sarah said...

Ah, right. And I suppose I'd have more luck if I didn't search for "souppersuit," which is what I typed the first time ;)