Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Java with the Judges: Week 2

Java with the Judges
The Good and the Reluctant

Java With the Judges (Coffee Cup Bible Series)

Welcome to Week 2 of the SoulPerSuit Blog group venturing through the book of Judges together.

Here's a refresher on our schedule:

March 3- 16: Introduction and The Good Guys
March 17- 30: The Good and the Reluctant
March 31- April 13: Gideon
April 14- April 27: Jephthah
April 28- May 11: Samson the Conflicted
May 12- May 25: Civil War and Anarchy
May 26- May 31: Wrap- Up

- This SoulPerSuit group is hosted solely on the blogosphere. All the information this Judges group needs can be found right here on SoulPerBlog and in your personal copy of Java with the Judges.
- If you don't happen to have your own blog but still want to participate, just use the comments section here to share your thoughts on the book of Judges.
- If you're participating in this Java with the Judges study, please let us know when you've written a new blog post relating to the study.
- Be sure to visit the other Java participants' blogs to see what they're thinking about the book of Judges.

Right here on SoulPerBlog every 2 weeks I'll be posting some Shuffle the Deck activities to kick start your creative thinking. Rhonda will keep us visually motivated on Gallery Wednesdays, and Sandi will offer some additional insights to round out each study with a set of Play Your Hand questions.

(Not sure what any of that means? Click this link for an overview of each aspect of SoulPerSuit.)

So, ready to launch Week Two? Here are a few Shuffle The Deck activities to start it off:

1. The Best of the Best
Make a first place award (ribbon, trophy, crown, sash, etc.) to give to yourself.

2. Chorgatron 6000
Using magazine clippings, objects from your junk drawer, drawings, and other found objects, glue them on paper to build a robot that will do your most dreaded chore(s).

3. Necessity is the Mother of Invention
Human beings are always coming up with unconventional ways to use things. Old boots and whiskey barrels as garden planters, using a butter knife as a stand-in screwdriver, holding hair back with a pencil or a chopstick, etc.

Think about your daily routine and write down some examples of your creative uses for ready-made goods.
Challenge yourself this week to find a useful, but unconventional job for something in your house, desk, or purse.

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